PNC Bank Routing Number – PNC Bank Routing Numbers Near Me

Are you searching for a specific Routing Number? & are you searching for PNC Bank Routing Number then you have come to the right place. we will tell you about the Routing Number.

We will tell you about the PNC Bank Routing Number and all the certain steps through which you can check all the transactions.

We will also share with the you the details like What is Routing Number or What is RTN? We will discuss with you too and also tell you step by step how to check the routing number or where to find the routing number and how can you use that routing numbers.

Lastly, we will help you with finding Routing Numbers Near Me & will discuss how to use these routing numbers. Through these routing numbers you can complete transactions.

PNC Bank Routing Number

PNC Financial Services Group, Inc. or generally called as PNC. PNC is bank holding company and the company for Financial Services. The PNC is based from Pittsburgh. The bank is from Pittsburgh. The bank has been doing it’s business in 19 states.

PNC Bank Routing Number can help you to make all of your transaction including domestic and international deposit be done quickly and instantly. In this article we will provide you all PNC Bank Routing Number which comes underutilization.

PNC Bank is the fifth largest banking company in the United States of America, provides service like Financial and Assets ManagementProcessing Business is PNC Bank. The company was founded on April 10, 1845. Which makes it 172 years old in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and United States of America.

In the year 2016, on 31 December the company had assets of approximately $366 billion with the deposit of an amount of approximately $249 billion. PNC Bank has distributed there branches in nineteen different states. It provides banking franchise as per region which counts 2,520 branches in Colombia district.

What is Routing Number?

PNC Bank Routing Number

  • Routing Numbers are derived from different and unique names that you can call them with different names. In some areas they are called as Bank Transit Routing Numbers.
  • Different areas have different names for that and they are called as ABA Numbers, ABA stands for American Bankers Association in some locations.
  • This number is used by the different financial institutions that can help out in the transactions of different banks and for that and for that you need to figure out the routing numbers.
  • These routing as told above are called by different names so when you transact from the bank or making a financial transaction then note, different states call Routing Numbers are RTN, Routing Transit Number, Swift Code or ABA Number. So, clear that confusion and through that you can confirm that areas routing number.

How to Find the PNC Routing Number?

If you need to find out the PNC Routing Numbers. These are the steps for Finding out the PNC Routing Number:

  • The bank provides you with some basic kit for all financial help & transaction.
  • In this kit you have to check for the PNC Check Book.
  • After you get the check book open the check book.
  • Once you open it you need to go to certain check where you will get the Routing Number.
  • Then look at your check.
  • Look at the bottom left of the check. This is where the 9 digit Routing Number.
  • At that area you will see a 9 digit Code written in a box.

That is your specific PNC Routing Number or PNC Swift Code.

PNC Financial Contact:

If you are facing certain issues and you are facing many problems then you need to find some important details then you need to find out some of the ways through which you can contact the bank. Here is the main information through which you can easily clarify all the details, whether it is for PNC Bank RTN Number or any other issues.

Phone Banking help: 00 1 412-803-7711

Final Verdict:

Now you know the PNC Bank Routing Number. We told you about the Routing Number and how to use the routing number.

If you have any suggestions then give them in the comment section under this article.

Updated: September 5, 2019 — 9:45 am

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