EECU Routing Number – EECU Bank Routing Numbers [All States]

EECU Routing Number is simply a nine digit number code that allows users to make financial transactions. This article includes detailed information about the EECU Bank Routing Number and the other benefits that you get after taking electronic transactions.

Routing number is the most convenient way to make payments and transactions because it makes the entire banking process quite easier.

EECU Routing Number

The acronym of EECU is Educational Employees Credit Union and this credit union is specially designed for the members attached to it that provides financial advices. The organization focuses on value of each and every member on personal level and knows their financial challenges and helps them achieve the particular goal.

The EECU credit and debit card services allow users to take EECU services anywhere, anytime. One can also perform transaction on both domestic as well as international level.

EECU Routing Number Texas

1119942411617 W 7TH STFORT WORTHTX76102
3119817241617 W 7TH ST.FORTWORTHTX76102
3119817401617 W 7TH STFORTWORTHTX76102
311981614P O BOX 1777FT WORTHTX76101

The Educational Employees Credit Union routing number is nothing but a 9 digit number code printed on the checkbook. The EECU routing number has been issued by the American banker Association to EECU and that is the reason it is also known as EECU ABA Number.

The number can also be used to identify the location of the bank branch on which you account is associated with. EECU ABA RTN and EECU Transit Number help users to transfer funds through online banking.

The EECU Routing Number is 311981614.

How to Find Out EECU Routing Number on cheque?

Steps to Check Routing Number in Checkbook

Under this section, we are going to provide you the easiest way that will help you to find out the routing number and you can make wire transactions easily.

  • Firstly, open the checkbook and take any check leaf.
  • At the bottom of the check leaf, you will see your routing number.
  • At the bottom, you will get to see 3 types of numbers printed in one line.
  • First 9 digit codes would be your routing number.
  • Then the 10-12 digit code would be your account number.
  • Then, last 4 digit number would be check issuing number.

EECU Routing Number – Other Services

EECU bank allows its users to perform financial transactions in many ways and also give customers a satisfactory banking experience. Under this section, we will not find out the other ways to perform financial transactions or payments.

  • Wire Transfer
  • Online money transfer
  • Check payment
  • Electronic transaction
  • Direct fund deposit
  • Check payment
  • Bill payment

The above mentioned details will help you make your financial process way easier and hassle-free. It is also important to know that to make such payments; you need to have valid information then only you can proceed further.

How to Share Funds with EECU Wire Transfer?

EECU provides cost efficient transfer services to the members of EECU that help users to make both domestic and international wire transfers. We have provided the details which you need to have to make wire transfer at domestic level.

  • Financial institution fund’s name will be wired.
  • Routing number or the transit number is required of the financial institution.
  • Complete address of the receiving financial institution.
  • Recipient’s name
  • Wire recipient’s bank account number.
  • Amount to be wired.

Final Words:

The above article discussed about EECU Routing Number or EECU Bank Routing Number that will help users to make financial transactions through routing numbers. The EECU bank also facilitates other facilities in order to help customers meet their financial challenges and goals.

If you have questions regarding EECU Routing Number then, feel free to mention in the comments section below.

Updated: September 9, 2019 — 7:08 am

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