Capital One Bank Routing Number – All states Routing Numbers

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Capital One Bank Routing Number

To help the user on Capital One Bank Routing Number issues like how to transfer the funds to other people or someone you know and what are the ways to do this and what is routing number, where we will get the list of the routing number and what is the nearest bank routing that can help you.

Now, on the very first note let us understand what a routing number is?

What is a Routing Number?

Routing Number or Swift Code or Routing Transit Number is a kind of primary code which contains nine digits in it. It is basically used by the Federal bank in the US making it easy to complete the fund transfers, Wire transfers, and the Bank Transactions. It helps in identifying the bank details, credit unions details and the financial institution details with whom you want to do the fund transfer.

The routing numbers depend upon your region and the area where you are residing or that area where you have opened your account. It is a nine-digit number that is written on the bottom side of your cheque.

What is Capital One Bank Routing Number?

  • The Routing Number is also called as the Transit number or ABA or American Bankers Transaction and swift codes which are used by the customers for transferring money or maintaining an account.
  • It is a very specialized service when it compared with saving the account, prepaid cards, IRAs, lines of credit and also wire transfers in which each holds its function and specialties.
  • Every area where the branch is located has the different routing number, where it depends totally on which branch you belong to or in which branch you have opened your bank account.

How to find Capital One Bank Routing Number?

You can easily find the routing number on your cheque on the left side corner bottom. If you don’t have your cheque book in your hands then you can follow the given steps.

  • Log in to your capital one bank Online Banking
  • Select your account
  • Press on the blue hyperlink which is shown in the description to find the recent transactions.
  • Look on the picture of the cheque to find out the routing and your account number.

The Online Statement

If your online statement is activated then you have a golden opportunity to know the complete details related to your account.

  • Go and login to your capital one bank online banking.
  • Select your account
  • Open the Online statement link given in the Accounts Activity Page.
  • Then tap on the Print Statement link. The complete account number will be shown on the top right-hand side of the given statement.

On the activity page in the Account Online Banking 

  • Just hit the sign in button in your capital one bank routing number online banking
  • Select your account
  • Select the “Show Account and Routing Number” option
  • Then enter your passwords to verify your details.
  • The details of your account will be shown when you complete the verification process
  • Click on “wire transfer” to make an incoming wire transfer.

Activate your Smart Access Card in Online Banking 

  • Sign in the online banking
  • Select your Smart Access Card for capital one bank
  • Click on “Sign on to Smart Access” options that is available on the right side of your balance details.
  • Once signed in smart access, your details including your routing number and account details that can be displayed in the “Direct Deposit Information” inside the page of account summary.

List of Capital Bank Routing Number

Routing NumberProcess FedACHProcess FedwireLocationRegistered Name
Routing NumberYYRichmond, VACapital One, N.a.
021407912YYRichmond, VACapital One N.a.
031176110YYRichmond, VACapital One Bank (usa), N.a.
051405515YYRichmond, VACapital One, Na
056073502YYRichmond, VACapital One, Na
056073612YYRichmond, VACapital One, National Association
065000090YYRichmond, VACapital One, N.a.
111901014YYRichmond, VACapital One, Na
255071981YNRichmond, VACapital One, N.a.
021200407YNRichmond, VACapital One, N.a.
021408704YNRichmond, VACapital One, N.a.
021409567YNRichmond, VACapital One, N.a.
021410695YNRichmond, VACapital One, N.a.
026004394YNRichmond, VACapital One, N.a.
026007883YNRichmond, VACapital One, N.a.
026011507YNRichmond, VACapital One, N.a.
027000407YNRichmond, VACapital One, N.a.
056009482YNRichmond, VACapital One, N.a.
065001426YNRichmond, VACapital One, N.a.
065002030YNRichmond, VACapital One, N.a.
065002548YNRichmond, VACapital One, N.a.
065200188YNRichmond, VACapital One, N.a.
065200243YNRichmond, VACapital One, N.a.
065200722YNRichmond, VACapital One, N.a.
065200874YNRichmond, VACapital One, National Association
065201048YNRichmond, VACapital One, N.a.
065201064YNRichmond, VACapital One, National Association
065201116YNRichmond, VACapital One, N.a.
065202791YNRichmond, VACapital One, N.a.
065204760YNRichmond, VACapital One, N.a.
065400140YNRichmond, VACapital One, N.a.
065400687YNRichmond, VACapital One, N.a.
065400755YNRichmond, VACapital One, N.a.
065400894YNRichmond, VACapital One, N.a.
065401000YNRichmond, VACapital One, N.a.
065401246YNRichmond, VACapital One, National Association
065401369YNRichmond, VACapital One, National Association
065401712YNRichmond, VACapital One, N.a.
065402313YNRichmond, VACapital One, N.a.
065402339YNRichmond, VACapital One, N.a.
065402494YNRichmond, VACapital One, N.a.
065404256YNRichmond, VACapital One, N.a.
065404418YNRichmond, VACapital One, N.a.
065405132YNRichmond, VACapital One, N.a.
065405145YNRichmond, VACapital One, N.a.
111100792YNRichmond, VACapital One, N.a.
111101157YNRichmond, VACapital One, N.a.
111101377YNRichmond, VACapital One, N.a.
111101461YNRichmond, VACapital One, N.a.
111101995YNRichmond, VACapital One, N.a.
111103210YNRichmond, VACapital One, N.a.
111103317YNRichmond, VACapital One, N.a.
111103634YNRichmond, VACapital One, N.a.
111104507YNRichmond, VACapital One, N.a.
111104785YNRichmond, VACapital One, N.a.
111104798YNRichmond, VACapital One, N.a.
111104853YNRichmond, VACapital One, N.a.
111104879YNRichmond, VACapital One, N.a.
111104947YNRichmond, VACapital One, N.a.
111900455YNRichmond, VACapital One, N.a.
111900510YNRichmond, VACapital One, N.a.
111913798YNRichmond, VACapital One, N.a.
111915709YNRichmond, VACapital One, N.a.
113024915YNRichmond, VACapital One, N.a.
113101809YNRichmond, VACapital One, N.a.
113106956YNRichmond, VACapital One, N.a.
211170363YNRichmond, VACapital One, N.a.
221471227YNRichmond, VACapital One, N.a.
221471324YNRichmond, VACapital One, N.a.
221471858YNRichmond, VACapital One, N.a.
221471971YNRichmond, VACapital One, N.a.
221472776YNRichmond, VACapital One, N.a.
221970346YNRichmond, VACapital One, N.a.
226070115YNRichmond, VACapital One, N.a.
226070555YNRichmond, VACapital One, N.a.
226070652YNRichmond, VACapital One, N.a.
226070856YNRichmond, VACapital One, N.a.
226072304YNRichmond, VACapital One, N.a.
226072375YNRichmond, VACapital One, National Association
265472208YNRichmond, VACapital One, N.a.
313072819YNRichmond, VACapital One, N.a.

Customer Service for Capital One Bank

You can access the Customer Care number of capital one bank for all your queries or other information like capital bank Routing number is 1-87-383-4802.


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